Our Feedback


"I have gained so much by taking part in the Opportunity Knocks project at A.S.K.I.  I learnt new skills and made some really good friends and no longer feel trapped in my home"


"I can't thank you enough for the support you have given me. You gave me the chance to learn and to do things for myself. You were gentle and treated me with a lot of respect.  When I came to A.S.K.I. I felt really alone and was worried that no one would take the time to sit down and listen to my issues. You put me in contact with the right people and now I  get support both for myself and my ill husband."


"The project offers the opportunity for people from all communities to meet and share our skills and learn from each other. I have taken part in the sewing and craft activities and they have been so interesting.  I now tell people about A.S.K.I. and when we have the monthly events, I catch up with people I have not see for a while."


"Joseph always asks us what we would like to take part in and when he can, he offers us the opportunity to sit down and have a chat about how we are. Sometimes that is all that is needed ......a chat."

Kieren Connolly
 Relationship Officer, London Sport January 2018

"I began working with Joseph in November 2015. When I first met Joseph, he had just left his full time job to go full time with A.S.K.I. I asked him the question 'How would he survive?'.  And the answer is over two years later he is flourishing. Joseph has take all the support which has been offered to him through the GLA funded ClubWorks programme. He has the ability to access funding and the skill to engage with the community and get them involved in his sports and physical activity programmes.

I only see A.S.K.I. going from strength to strength and playing a massive role in increasing the wellbeing of older people in North Croydon and hopefully further afield in years to come."

Gwen, IT Tutor

"I delivered the IT classes for A.S.K.I. over 50's and I could see that the project worked by having small classes where people could get 1:1 support and build their confidence. Some people  brought their  own computers and are able to use iPads and phones to contact friends and family abroad. They always say they don't know what they would have done without the  A.S.K.I. project."