City Bridge Trust - Dance Movement Classes

A.S.K..I has been funded by the City Bridge Trust for three years starting in 2018 to deliver a range of dance/movement classes for older men and women. ASKI uses dance as a tool to reduce social isolation. The project will work with people from all communities and will aim to engage more men in dance.

The project will be led by J Jeffers who holds both a Degree and Diploma in dance that specialises in teaching dance to older people. ASKI will aim to target some of the work to people living with dementia. Everybody and ‘everybody’ has the capability to move. We dance to celebrate, to mourn and to give thanks.


‘’I am always surprised when people say I can’t dance, or I don’t dance, dance has the ability to lift our spirits and make even the darkest day bright’’ J Jeffers 


Tai Chi with A.S.K.I.